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Fes-Secret Luxury | Fes Luxury Tours | Day trip exploring Fes | Tours from Fes

FES is the most medieval city of the Arab world. It has the best preserved old city and it is famous for its ancient walls. Through Fes, you can see the soul of the culture alive in the traditional music, ancient places, people, and everything around you.

Even other cities become more modern through the ages but Fes still preserves its culture, art, food, and everything that makes this city a secret luxury.

Try not to miss while you are in Fes the following:



Bab Boujloud: The gate of Bab Boujloud was built in 1913 and through it, you can see the old houses belong to the 20th century and minarets. It is a beautiful gate that marks an excellent introduction to Fes and it is famous.

Attarin madrasa: It was built in the early 14th century and has a beautiful door and an fancy courtyard.

Medina Kedima:  You will walk through the narrow alleys in the Old Medina to see what it’s inside , You will always be amazed of how many hidden places are in the Medina-Like a puzzle!

Tanneries: The Tanners quarter-main attractions in Fes. When you are there, you can look down on the entire area to see how the process is done. people will offer you a fresh mint which helps a little to reduce the smell.

The Mellah is the old Jewish quarter of Fes and you can tell the architecture differs from the rest of the Medina.

Merenid Tombs: The Merenid Tombs were built in the 14th century, they are situated outside the walls of old-Fes and you see them from most rooftops in Fes. Don’t miss heading up the hills to the tombs as you will get a good view of Fes as the sun sets.

In fes, you will step back into the history as there are too many places  that are totally worth a visit here. You will be amazed of what you will see here. Keep in mind that If you want to change the routine or you are looking for a different country, Morocco is always the answer. Try not to miss any opportunity!!